#BlogElul Day 27: Bless

The Talmud (Berachos 7a) teaches that the human beings may bless even Hashem:

Rabbi Yishmael ben Elisha, a Cohen Gadol, relates how “one time [on Yom Kippur] while offering incense in the Holy of Holies, I saw God, wearing His Crown, the Lord of Hosts, sitting on a high and exalted throne. He told me, ‘Yshmael my son, bless Me.’ I said, ‘May it be Your will from before You that Your mercy overcome strict justice and may You act mercifully with Your children. Behave with Your children with the trait of kindness and go with them beyond the line (letter) of the law. He nodded His head in agreement [as if to answer amen to Rabbi Yishmael’s blessing, Rashi]”.

Our Sages derived from this story that even the blessing of a simpleton should not be insignificant in our eyes. The Torah offers examples of how blessings from holy people are certainly (more) impactful. But a blessing from anyone is meaningful.

And the best blessing one can receive is to be patient and loving towards one’s children.



Google “Avraham Fried Tanya” to hear a very “hartzig” musical composition of this citation, composed by Yossi Green and sung by Avraham Fried.

(Translation of the Gemara taken from http://ohr.edu/1584)


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