#BlogElul Day 26: Create

Being referred to as an image of God carries certain expectations.

God has done so many things. How am I to decide how I should be His* image?

Before any advanced theories emerge, the one obvious meaning makes itself known. It’s Genesis Chapter One for God’s sake. God is the Creator.

So if at the end of the chapter it says He then makes human beings in His image, then the only thing it can mean at that point is “as creator”.

Well, that’s just great. How am I supposed to do that?!

The piece that is beyond us is the first of forty. That’s why in Halachic language, the full spectrum of human creative capacity is called “Forty minus One”. But the next thirty-nine steps are creative.

Each step takes something pre-existing and turns it into something else, something with a more advanced function.

I think a certain religion took this beautiful concept and took it in a very weird sci-fi direction. The base idea is wonderful.

As animals, living organisms, we are made to survive, replicate, and thrive.

The God’s Image part that is added to the matrix demands that we also create.

Writing is creating.

Taking something from your domain and giving it to the community is creating.

Making food, clothing and shelter is creating.

Taking something that was a primate, and making it more Godly and creative, is creating.

Making yourself in God’s Image is creating.

Doing Teshuva and starting all over is creating.


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