#BlogElul Day 20: Fulfill

I am an adult. I was not deprived as a child in any sense of the word. I have experienced all the privilege that one could hope for. The male kind, the white kind, the Ashkenazi kind, you name it. My parents did not have all of that, and they worked hard and suffered plenty to get me my “privilege”.

Yet, would I have become a better person had they withheld all their blessings from me?
I don’t think so.
One never knows;
but I don’t think so.

I see way too many parents whose default setting in answering their children’s requests is “No.”

Danger is danger. And ruining one’s appetite is ruining one’s appetite. But parents should want to fulfill their children’s wishes, not only do “what is good for them.”

And if a parent has to say no, it should be painful for the parent, not a moment of self-righteous indignation.



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