#BlogElul Day 19: Judge

I think people should be more curious about the plethora of plain-speaking judge programs in the marketplace.

The People’s Court: Wapner, Koch, the other one…
Judge Joe Brown
Judge Judy

Perhaps there is a certain degree of wish-fulfillment on the part of the American public. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of being a plaintiff or defendant in any court proceeding knows a little bit of what sort of Hell the Judicial branch feels like, in all its necessity. We want to feel that the basic concept of a judge just plainly ruling in favor of the good guy and yelling at the creepy bad guy still exists.

We all have that judge gene within us, and we use it, or wish we could use it, all the time.

There’s way too much “Judge not…” going on. That’s the brain’s version of the lungs’ “Don’t breathe”.

So judge, with caveats:

  • “Suspend Judgment until you get more facts.” (Avos 2:4)
  • “Judge slowly” (Avos 1:1)
  • “When uncertain, judge favorably.” (Avos 1:6)
  • “Unless it’s relevant to others, keep your judgments to yourself.” (All of the Laws of Loshon Hara)

But judge.
And this time of year, judge yourself too.


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