#BlogElul Day 17: Awaken

I have heard modern-day baalei mussar, people with piety constantly on their minds, say that one of the great evils of modern technology is the Snooze button.

If you have to get up, then get up! Don’t delay it by nine minutes.

And if you can get up in nine minutes without any worrisome negative consequences awaiting you at home or work or school, then set your alarm for nine minutes later!

Awakening is like what I said about Change a couple of days ago: It’s bad. We want to live, but if we can do so by being at rest, we’ll opt for that. It’s only when we see that continued sleep will jeopardize our lives that we wake up. So all we need to do to help us wake up is to develop an awareness that we have to get up, or else!


Lifehack: Schedule things that matter a lot to other people for early in the day.


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