#BlogElul Day 10: Count

Many lawyers hate being lawyers.

One of the reasons for the hatred is the unending requirement to count minutes. More precisely, any of them are expected to count their productive time in six-minute increments… and bill accordingly.

It might be a very pressure-filled experience. But there is a powerful truth in that experience. Sure, most of us would hate to have their day judged repeatedly in six-minute chunks. But aren’t we already being judged like that? And if we don’t feel it, can’t we then sense it when we look back, not on our lifetimes, but at the end of the day, or the week?


Sure; math is artificial. But it gets the job done. Can you count how many acts of chesed you performed today? And if you were told you had to start counting, and reach the number FIVE on a daily basis, would it be a different kind of day? I think so.


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