#BlogElul Day 9: Observe

From my upcoming book “Things I learned from my children.”

We think that these mini-humans aren’t doing anything of value. Or we think that they’re just being silly and well… childish. But it ain’t so.

They are observing us in ways that the NSA would envy. Phone taps and e-surveillance has nothing on our two year-olds, our six year-olds, our eight years olds, and everything before and in-between.

When did we decide to stop observing? Maybe when we heard the cliches about how each of us is special and different and a potential one-off genius in the making. But the intelligent non-geniuses among us know that it still pays to observe our betters, and also our peers, closely.

And even after having thought this for years, and watching my junior CIA agents-in-training residing in my own home, they always find ways to surprise me. I don’t even mean that in a good way. It’s just like that.


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