#BlogElul Day 1: Prepare

Here we are; prepare we must.  I don’t know what I can write about preparing that I didn’t write last year.
Here’s the New Money Quote, with some edits:
Anything that the Torah considers holy it invests with a special preparation time or preparatory act.
One of the great mysteries of Kiddush on Friday night is the addition of the two words “Yom Hashishi” before “Vayuchulu”.
Many have surmised that the two words are added to give Kiddush the significance of having the first letters of the first four words of Kiddush spell out the Holy Name.
This is certainly a reason. But why bother adding this allusion when we are not exactly trying to find a needle in a haystack here. We are in the middle of a text that makes explicit mention of Hashem creating the world resting on the Seventh Day. God doesn’t have to be hinted at, as He is on Purim.  It’s Shabbos. God is the Main Event.  We don’t need to sneak Him in through the back door.  
The significance, as I understand it, is that Hashem’s name is made complete by adding the words Yom Hashishi, the Sixth Day, as in Erev Shabbos. The infusion of Holiness into Shabbos is accomplished only with the work of the Sixth Day.
So too, I would add, the infusion of kedusha into what the Torah calls the Seventh month, depends on the investments we make in the Sixth Month, Elul.
Elul is special because Tishrei is special and deserves a month of prep-time.

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