Shechina Part I. #3Weeks

Any appreciation of Tisha B’Av requires some sort of understanding of the word “shechina”.

This word, “Shechina” has been long misunderstood. Especially in English. Especially among the non-Observant. All sorts of weird descriptions show up, such as “The feminine aspect of God”, and all sorts of stranger new-age explanations about what that even means.

The word’s origins are found in the first order given to build a Sanctuary, with the very term “Mishkan”.

“V’Asu Li Mikdash V’Shachanti B’socham.”
And they will make me a Sanctuary and I will dwell in their midst.

Shochein means to dwell. Shechina means God in His attribute of dwelling in this World. As Melech means God in His attribute of ruling humanity or making decrees.

What does it mean that God dwells in a place, among specific people? “Ayei Mekom Kevodo?” Where is the place of His Glory?

That’s the question.


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