Haftora. #3Weeks

“Had Israel not sinned, none of the writings of the Prophets would have been necessary. We would only have needed the Torah (Five Books of Moses) and the Book of Joshua (to inform us about the borders.)”

This line from the Talmud is what I start with every time the Haftora is read in shul.  Every passage in Neviim (Prophetic books of the Bible) is part of a rebuke of how we as a nation fell short of the ideals expressed in Chumash.

The Haftora readings during the Three Weeks only accentuate that point.

That’s why I plan to pay even more attention to the Haftora tomorrow.

If any members of a Kiddush Club read this, I would tell them to forgo their Haftora snacktime tomorrow.

Good Shabbos


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