Jeremiah Part II. #3Weeks

Secondly, he accomplished something that we should strive for, especially in our weak moments. What is that? Well, it pays to know some history: By the time Yirmiyahu came on the scene, the tragic ending was all but a fact. Following the reign of King Menasheh, Jerusalem and its surrounding villages were all that remained of Shlomo’s (Solomon’s) empire, and Menasheh had reintroduced Paganism to the nation in a way that could no longer be erased. As the expression goes, it was only a matter of time before the whole thing crumbled. Yirmiyahu was the spokesman for the last valiant attempt to turn things around.

And his influence was considerable at first. Yoshiahu (Josiah), the first king to listen to Yirmiah, engineered a revival that was so impressive that he fooled himself into thinking that he made everything better, failing to see the centuries of paganism still simmering just barely under the surface of his reformed State.

Yoshia’s early death put an end to the hope. Yet Yirmiah says that he accomplished something considerable; he delayed the inevitable!

That is a big deal.

One can almost not be blamed for thinking that certain sins or failings are inevitable in our culture. People have so much baggage to contend with that so much of life is an uphill battle, against vices, against crass character and dysfunction.

In that battle, the strength to succeed in fighting another day, to avoid death and failure even for just a day, let alone a week or more, is a success!


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