The Outliers (Malchus Part III)

One’s connection to the Tzibbur, the Community, means something to the community itself.  Many years ago, someone once complained to me about someone in their congregation who was divisive, expressing the wish that the person would leave the congregation.  I told him there was not necessarily any point in hoping for that to happen. Every community has an equilibrium of different types of individuals.  Every board of directors has the complaining director.  Every minyan has its grumpy man.  Every Sisterhood has its farbisseneh.  Every shul has its jokester.  Every classroom has its incessant shmoozer or clown.  Get rid of any one of these, and someone else will fill the space.

Obviously, communities differ from one another.  I am referring to the general bell-curve of personality types.

A person who sees a community suffering from a lack of proper balance should “be the change he wants to see” in that community. The act of asserting oneself in that realm will be good not only for yourself, but will restore health to the entire public space.


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