E Pluribus Unum (Malchus Part I)

When I was a kid, and the Cold War was all the rage, people would talk about how the USA is the nation that claims to favor individualism while the USSR is the country that claims to promote collectivism.

Now that the Cold War is over, can we all just quietly admit to ourselves that both individualism and collectivism are true attributes of life? I’m not applying this to your voting patterns, or your political affiliation. There are political consequences to applying this thought.

But a true personality, an honest assessment of good character, should force even the most ardent individualist to admit that how he functions as a cog in the wheel of society is important, perhaps, perhaps, more important at times.

Being generous and outward-thinking isn’t only good for you; it’s an important way to make the world better, your community stronger. I’m no Marxist, but in some important respects, we are cogs.


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