I need you (to) Leave me alone. (Hod Parts II and III)

There is an old stereotype of one of the differences between men and women. It appeared in “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, a book recommended to me by a former rebbe of mine.

It goes something like this:
When a man is in a bad mood, he just wants to be left alone, in his cave.
When a woman is in a bad mood, she wants to vent about it, at length.

The conflict here occurs when a husband sees his wife in a sour mood. His program tells him, “If I felt like she looks, I’d want to be alone.” So he leaves her alone. [Cue “Family Feud” strike sound.]

As with most things, the stereotype often holds. But not always.

Some of us like to be left alone at times, and want companionship and venting rights at other times.

A quality of hod is to know when to hold back, and give that space as a courtesy. We’ve all seen cases where a person intrudes on another’s situation, and only causes more anguish.

We’ve also seen situations where a person was left alone and in fact needed someone there.

We just have to know which is which. No problem.


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