‘An Army of One’ is impossible (Netzach Parts VI and VII)

“Lechu V’Neilcha”

Let’s go and we will go.
Brothers, let’s go to war.

People don’t wage war alone.

I have an uncle who worked very hard, over forty years ago, to start a new country in the South Pacific, devoted to Libertarian principles. He spent a lot of time and money, trying to find a corner of the globe and call it home. Not just home, but homeland. His country was invaded by the Kingdom of Tonga and their two fishing boats.

Anyone who wants to start a movement, needs people. And in our post-slavery world, and there are no orcs or minions around, they need people who have choices to participate in that battle. Soldiers have choices too. Generals have choices. This means that we have to rethink conquest. It’s not that we need soldiers. We need allies and friends. And since these people have wills of their own, that means we will certainly have to adjust our conquest goals.

By the way, this lesson impacts marriage and the goals that preceded marriage. People have ideas of what their big conquests will be in life. Then they plan who they want to marry. But an industry trade secret is that about 100%, the person you marry will surprise you, and will be different from what you thought.

You then have to re-calculate what your goals are. If you don’t recalculate based on the reality that there are others in your life, you will be disappointed. That’s usually what is meant when people speak of “shalom bayis” difficulties.


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