Godwin’s Law (Netzach Part III)

There is a trick I have seen some kids do very adeptly.

The scenario has two children together in a room.
Parents are nearby.
One of the kids then just loses it; can’t pull it together, and just melts down, totally unreasonable, grabbing, screaming, face collapses to the point that even the parents admit their kid is ugly. Now the other child has to make the call.

Many children will opt to fight back, grab their toys back etc.

But there is a child who knows how to play the game. She goes Full Angel! Doe-eyes, oh so confused! “What’s wong with Wachel? I don’t know why she’s cwying!…” Eyes flutter innocently. Parents look on with pride.

Kid wins!

Sometimes it seems as if the most irrational one in the contest wins. And maybe the culture today gives off that vibe.

It’s at those times that it pays to remember that in real conflicts between people, as opposed to contrived PR conflicts played for the cameras, the balanced one wins.


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