Promotion and Love (Netzach Part I)

Netzach. Endurance. Victory. 

It is a necessary reality for anything to mean anything. Why is that?
It’s the difference between surviving and thriving. It is the difference between living and legacy.

It is the main concept behind any life theory, even Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.  The central idea is that an inidividual entity that lives is content not only with living, but with propogating itself into the indefinite future. And so on.

It is why I am convinced that people who have made a conscious decision that they do not want children must have something akin to those syndromes where people lose their appetites or desire to breathe or to live. Wanting a legacy is as integral a component of life as all the survival instincts like breathing and eating.  

A person or a community that does well should want to extend that good in all directions.  Even when people say, “This is good for me. I don’t care if it’s good for others too. Let them do their own thing and I’ll do my own thing.” that falls away soon enough if they really believe in the good they are experiencing.  Even if they just tell a friend, “I discovered this delicious ice cream. You should try it.” they are part of the Netzach reality.  

In the best companies, there doesn’t have to be a separate marketing department. The product and its maker market themselves.  But it doesn’t originate in the harshness of conquest.  Rather, it manifests itself in “If I love you, and I love this thing, wouldn’t I want you to have this thing I love?”


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