“I’m not other people”: Gevurah Part V

Each of us has this innate tendency to think he’s* a good person. This is a valuable tendency, necessary to function as a human being. But the tendency also weakens us terribly when part of us falls into some sort of irresistible or addictive trap to do the wrong thing. The “I’m doing the right thing” gene keeps us from successfully stopping ourselves. How can we stop ourselves when we don’t want to stop ourselves?

The only answer is that we can’t. We need help. Give someone else the key, the password, the credit card, the combination etc. You are not other people. Only other people have the otherness needed to help you fight when you won’t let you win.

When should others be brought in to help? Well, whatever applies. In a moment of honesty, you know when you need help.

*You know I mean “he or she”. I just think it’s simpler to use the old formulation.


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