Discipline your discipline (Gevurah Part IV)

A loving grandparent wants nothing more than to just spoil a grandchild rotten. Parents will object.
Or one parent wants to give something to a child and the other parent objects.

Disagreements often ensue.

I can’t resolve them all in this post. But there is a guideline I endorse.

Sometimes the secret to good discipline is in limiting the discipline. Children, fellow human beings, have to know that the one in charge is not “all about discipline.”

As important as rules are in our lives, we need to convey that the limitations are never the primary values.

They only serve to block out the “noise” so that the signal is stronger.

Sarah Chana Radcliffe, a noted author, has written several books on the topic of parenting. One guideline she promotes is that for every one act of limitation a parent has to impose on a child, there be four demonstrations of love.

The rain=gevurah connection I mentioned in an earlier post relates to this. Rain is a blessing. Yet there has to be an engineering of rain in order for it to be considered a showering down of blessings. Otherwise, what should have promoted growth leads instead to floods, monsoons, hurricanes etc.


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