#PesachPrep T minus 7 Days: Shabbos Hagadol: Courage

I think that the original name of this Shabbos before Pesach came from the august line from the Haftora. “Behold I send you Elijah the Prophet, before that Great and Awesome day, Yom Hashem Hagadol V’haNora.”  Jewish customary names for Shabbosos are rooted in the Haftora of that day. (E.g. Shabbos Chazon, Shabbos Nachamu, Shabbos Shuva)
Yet the name is so majestic that the Tur says that it must be rooted in something inherent, not just one of the last words in the Haftora.
He roots it in the chronology of that year of the Exodus, in which the tenth of the month fell out on Shabbos. The tenth of the month is when the Jews were commanded to actually procure the lambs they would slaughter four days later.  One might glance over that part of the preparations, but the Rabbis saw in that act of the tenth of the month a demonstration of great courage in the face of the Egyptians who had been demoralizing them for centuries.  Moshe himself told Pharaoh after the fourth plague, “If we were to slaughter the deity of Egypt in their sight, would they not stone us?” (8:22) And here they are, at the cusp of the tenth plague, and they pick their sheep!
Courage in Exile is the preamble to the Geula.
Golus calls for some modesty, to be sure.  But a modicum of real courage is required.
Modesty dare not morph into shame before those who would ridicule us and make us hesitate to do a mitzvah.
Courage dare not become Jewish arrogance, which might fan flames of antisemitism or lead to needless confrontation.
Balance between modesty and courage is essential.  That balance can only be achieved through wise counsel.
No answers today. Just something to think about.  This question manifests itself in all sorts of ways, for each individual, and for each community within Klal Yisrael.
Good Shabbos Hagadol!

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