#PesachPrep: T minus 21 Days: Table of Contents

I get a real kick out of the custom to sing “Kadesh Urchatz Carpas Yachatz” etc., the Seder’s “Table of Contents”.

Around a millennium ago, someone decided to compose a short 15 word poem that summarizes the parts of the seder.

I don’t know when it became popular. But the idea that we break out into song over an Index is amazing! There’s the standard tune, and even Uncle Moishy goes wild over it!

Famous American thinker Mortimer Adler explained in his book “How to read a book” which I highly recommend, (though I won’t write a book about it) that one of the methods that should be used to get through a book as quickly and meaningfully as possible is to read through the back cover, Table of Contents, and Indexes first.

One of the great inventions of the modern era is “concentrate”. Juice concentrate, coffee, tea etc. Yes, there is much wealth to be found in the elaboration of a beautiful thing. But that abbreviated beauty can still be beautiful.

Our singing of that Seder Concentrate conveys that message.


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