#PesachPrep: T minus 25 Days: Something New

Just as the physical preparations for Pesach take weeks, so should the spiritual/educational prep take weeks. Good teachers don’t just walk into class and wing it; they’ve got a plan. The week of Pesach, especially the two “intensives” of the Sedarim, can be a Jew’s most important Jewish studies course ever.

So the new hagada should not be something you get on Erev Pesach afternoon. Give yourself a few weeks to think of some new insights to share. The Jewish Day Schools all plan for weeks with their students. So should the adults.

And not only at the sedarim. Pesach here is eight days long. There is so much time. How many hours can be spent eating Matza and Cream Cheese?!

Maybe it doesn’t have to be only a Dvar Torah. My kids and I have thought of some new decoration, or new element to introduce at the seder.
If you are musically inclined, a new tune.


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