#PesachPrep: T minus 30 Days to Pesach

The Gemara says that one should begin learning the Halachos of every Jewish holiday thirty days beforehand. This is most relevant, and in fact most necessary, when it comes to Pesach. The fact that 30 days before Pesach falls out on Purim poses a unique challenge, as Pesach is almost the last thing on one’s addled mind on Purim itself.

I know I have to learn about Pesach on Purim. But I’m too Purim-centered. What do I do?
I point out that one of the ways of destroying food is to eat it. One fulfills the Mitzvah of destroying Chometz by eating it. Therefore, I have intent to remove Chometz from my possession when eating Hamentaschen!
Brilliant! So many MITZVOS!


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