Things in the Parsha that make you go “Hmmmmm?”

Why are there not one, not two, but THREE “She is my sister” stories in the Torah? I mean, how common of a problem is this? As a personal point of reference, I haven’t had to claim that my wife is my sister even ONCE in my life!

In the category of “Stories that could have been left out and nobody would have noticed”, there is the brief encounter between Avram and Malki-Tzedek King of Shaleim, as Avram returns from his victorious battle. “Here’s some bread and wine. God bless you.” “Thank you. Here’s ten percent.” Now of course I know what Rashi and the medrashim say about them. But I try to appreciate the story as it is, before the medrash clarifies. Here’s the secret to understanding many medrashim: They are better experienced when one attempts to properly understand what was missing BEFORE one heard or read them, and what one has GAINED in ideals AFTER one has heard or read them. Give this some thought.

Good Shabbos.


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