Birds; who cares? Pre-Shabbos Warmup

I understand the general purpose, if not the details, of all the parts of this very heavy parsha, Parshas Noach.

  • The ark
  • The flood
  • Noach’s korban
  • The rainbow
  • The drama with the sons afterwards
  • The tower and language explosion
  • The genealogy leading up to Avram’s early life

I’m not saying I fully grasp the true depth of each of these items. But one sees the etiology, the recounting of the origins of many elements of the Jewish People’s story.  Each deserves its own book.  So I’m good with  that.

Except for the birds.
Noach sends one bird.
Then another bird; then that bird again, then that other bird again.

Noach was going to leave the Ark when God told him to, as He did.
So what does this bird business add to the story in any way?


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