Succos, Shabbos, and Emuna: Post-Shabbos Roundup

A Succah with two walls and a pole-string between the two is kosher on Shabbos but not on the rest of Succos. The reasoning is that since such a structure is considered a private domain within the rules of Shabbos, that concept asserts itself to be considered a valid private domain for the purpose of Succah.

We don’t take the Arba Minim on Shabbos. Perhaps someone who doesn’t know how to do it will carry his lulav in the public domain, thereby violating Shabbos, to ask an expert how to shake the lulav.

On Shabbos, instead of the usual Hoshanos, we have a long ode to Shabbos observance, in history and halacha. And we ask Hashem to save us in merit of the Shabbos observance.

What is happening? In a way, we are saying that it’s easier to make a succah on Shabbos than it is the rest of the week. And what is a succah after all? As I’ve been saying, it is a zone of emuna, of awareness of God’s shade of protection.

And isn’t that what Shabbos is? The Arizal began each Shabbos meal with the words “Prepare the meal of Perfect Emuna”.

Achieving Emuna, creating a space for Emuna, is easier on Shabbos.

On Succos, the injunction not to shake Lulav on Shabbos strengthens the Shemiras Shabbos mentality of the whole Jewish People.

On Shabbos of Succos, we focus on hilchos Shabbos because it strengthens our emuna, which is the point of Succos!

Every Shabbos, we relive Succos just a little bit, by changing the nusach of the Maariv brocho of Hashkiveinu to mention “U’fros Aleinu Succas Shelomecha! Boruch Ata Hashem, HaPoreis Shalom Aleinu…”

Succos and Shabbos are intertwined tools of emuna in Hakodosh Boruch Hu’s hashgacha and shemira over Klal Yisrael. And when they overlap, an even stronger connection between Him and us is created, even if it’s raining!

If we can take advantage of this team-up. our emuna will be fortified not only today and the rest of YomTov, but as the Torah intended, for the rest of the year!

If the Schach is the symbolic representation of Hashem’s protecting us, why is it such a lousy protector? Imagine a device that stands for protection that only works 70% of the time!

A story to illustrate the point:
Two chassidim tell stories to compare their rebbes and the mofsim and nissim they perform. “My Rebbe’s bigger than your rebbe” kind of thing.
The one chossid tells a whole story about how his rebbe’s advice resulted in him making a fortune.
The second chossid, if memory serves, a Lubavitcher) tells of how his rebbe gave him advice, resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars.
“And…?” the first chossid asks.
“And what? That’s the story!”
“What’s the neis?”
“The neis is that I remained his Chossid!”

Emuna has to have in its original program, not as an afterthought, the idea that the protection is not guaranteed. And we need to learn this on Yom-Tov, on a “good day”, when the times are good. When Chas V’Sholom times are not as good, our emotions make hearing that message too difficult.

This is the real Shade of Emuna we need, on Succos, and all year long and all life-long.


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