Pre-Yom Kippur Warmup: Things to remember

I will remember that:

-No matter how much I eat and drink on Erev Yom Kippur (and I should), I will be thirsty in the morning, and hungry and somewhat weak by the early afternoon. This is not the end of the world. Human beings are made for occasional fasting. Until very recent times, three meals a day was far from guaranteed for the vast majority of the human race. Fasting tells me, and by fasting I tell the Creator, that I know I am not just an animal; I am part Neshama and while I can’t be in that state all the time, I can make that point one day a year. Making that point one day a year strengthens that part of the me the rest of the year.

-The day is a spree of cleansing. Non-stop opportunity to get it right. I won’t be bothered by the repetition of the viduyim and other prayers. I don’t mind repeating eating and drinking; I shouldn’t mind getting forgiven.


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