Post-RH roundup (partial)

Rosh Hashana (RH) is still on the brain. I know I should be thinking about Yom Kippur, or at the very least today’s fast.  But my brain is still swimming in the RH pool.
I made a point of keeping the experience as sweet as I possibly could.  This was my thinking:
I identified the moments of a Shabbos, or Yom-Tov, especially RH, that have the potential of being the most bitter, or least sweet.
And I made a conscious decision not to mess them up. (I thought of the Mishna Berura who writes that the minhag to eat sweet foods and avoid bitter foods on RH should be taken further, to the point that one should avoid anger and negative emotions on RH.)
  • So there is the last hour of Erev YomTov, before I head to shul. The craziness of those last time-sensitive tasks…
  • The arrival home. Who knew what I would find? Would my children all be little YomTov angels, reading to each other and sharing all their toys?  Or would they perhaps not be as cherubic as one would hope for?  (BH all was good. But I was ready.  I have frequently thought and said that the best frame of mind is a healthy pessimism.)
  • With all the simanim, and honey being oh so much stickier than honey. And all the little kids who have their own honey dishes.  And their fingers need to touch so many things.
  • Will they want to go to sleep after the night seuda?
  • Waking up early and getting to shul in plenty of time to daven everything without skipping anything, even taking my slower pace into consideration.
  • Not letting any “kavana” prevent me from being pleasant to others.
  • Avoiding wasteful shmoozing.
Sweet and sweet and more sweet.

גמר חתימה טובה


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