#BlogElul Day 26: Create

(It’s an axiom that none of us literally create something from nothing.  We, who are not God, are always dealing with pre-existing matter.)
With that limitation, creating means taking things are ideas that already existed, and molding them, or joining them into a new form that didn’t exist.
I am envious of those who are able to take wood and metal and plastic and turn them into a succa.
I look up to those who take a dozen thoughts or verses or gemaras that I already knew, and bind them together to make a more powerful cohesive shiur, or drasha.  That to me is creating. I try to do that.
Now then;  taking a person, with all his nature and nurture and previous decisions, and reorganizing him into a better person, is also creating.
That is why teshuva and Tishrei go together.
Let’s make this two-way: If you have any thoughts to share, please comment on the site.

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