#BlogElul Day 25: Intend

There’s long-term intend and short-term intend.

Long term intend is generally a joke.  Go away.
Short term intend is the secret sauce to all meaningful spirituality.
Long term intend is: Yeah, I’ll donate. Next year.  The check is in my pocket.  Bli neder.
Short term intend is: I am about to do this mitzvah. To connect me to God, and to connect God to His people and to this world.  Kavana
Long term intends can maybe turn into actions down the road.  But I won’t hold my breath.  The old-style salesman knows this.  That’s why when you say “Next week”, they tuned out, as if you said “never.”
Kids also know this.  When mommy says “next week”, the kid hears “In one trillion years”.
Think about that as you work through your plans for the coming year.
Let’s make this two-way: If you have any thoughts to share, please comment on the site.

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