#BlogElul Day 22: End

Brief thought:
Koheles (Ecclesiastes) writes at the end of his book : Sof Davar Hakol Nishma. The end of the matter, once all is heard….
There is something special, defining, about how something ENDS.
According to Daniel Kahneman, in his amazing work “Thinking Fast and Slow”, it is not the totality of an experience that is maintained in one’s real memory; it is rather an experience’s most intense moment and conclusion that defines how the memory will be formed.
We often focus on making things go well.  That’s good.  We should also focus, within that attempt, to make something END well in particular.  This includes every day, which is why the pre-sleep hour should be planned well. Not having one’s smart phone for the last hour of one’s waking hours would be a great start.  Of course, there’s Shema and the entire service of Krias Shema al haMita which works.  Etc.  You get the point.
This is also true of the end of any event:
  • The end of Shacharis
  • The end of dinner
  • The end of a school day
  • The end of a vacation
  • The end of Shabbos
  • The end of a fight with one’s spouse
Let’s make this two-way: If you have any thoughts to share, please comment on the site.

2 thoughts on “#BlogElul Day 22: End

  1. Harold Males

    Greetings from Israel. Your note on endings ‘spoke’ to me. I just rescued an early (2002) anthology edited by K from the hefker box of the English library in Telz Stone. I’ll bring it back, so you can enjoy further light reading.



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