#BlogElul Day 18: Ask

Children ask their parents for stuff all the time.
If parents say no too often, or too arbitrarily, the kids will stop asking them, and just start taking stuff.
That is the way kids intuit that the world should work. Ask, and then receive.  Repeat.
There is a medrash that says that this is the way it worked originally. Meaning, it would be as easy as asking if the world were ideal.  All Adam had to do to get it to rain in Gan Eden was ask Hashem for rain.
When a relationship is healthy, and everyone is “cool” with one another, you don’t have parents snittily insisting that you say “please” and in the proper tone.  Just ask.  I’ve seen parents who feel that it is a sacred duty to refuse their children’s requests for money, food etc.  As if they have to fill out government forms, means-testing.  Lighten up. Get to a place where asking is enough. And then asking will be enough.
This is the meaning of the statement by the rabbis that since the destruction of the Temple, the gates of prayer have been closed, but the gates of tears are never closed.  If tears means earnestness and sincerity and emotion, then why were prayers accepted beforehand without all that?  A: Because we were “good”.  The relationship was smooth.
Lighten up.  If you want something, ask, and receive asking well as well.

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