#BlogElul Day 17: Awaken

The Rambam says that the Shofar is an alarm, telling people to wake up. Doing Teshuva is a form of waking up.  Keeping things status quo is like staying asleep.
Which begs the question:
Q:Why do we sleep?
A: Because we get tired.
Because we can.  Laziness is a fascinating human trait, with which I am quite familiar.
Basically, we are made with the ability to get things done in order to live.  But once we have done the activity necessary to that goal, we can rest up.  What if everything is fine, and we don’t have to provide for a very long time?  We can sleep more, because, hey why not?
But here’s the thing: What if we are sleeping not because things are really under control, but because we are simply unaware of our vulnerability, either because of stupidity, or because we have been fooled?
Then someone has to scream. They need to say,
“I know you turned off your alarm because you thought you didn’t have to get up early this morning.  
You thought it was Sunday.
Or you thought you were on vacation.
Or you thought you could afford to take the day off because there is enough money in the bank.
It’s Monday, you are expected at work early, and you are a day’s pay away from foreclosure. WAKE UP!”
That’s why we need to wake up.  

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