# BlogElul Day 16: Pray

Pray? What’s that? Don’t you mean “Daven”?
I always feel a twinge of Yeshivish embarassment when I hear someone use the word “pray”.

But I shouldn’t. I’m afraid that if I only use, and only think the word “Daven”, or even Hebrew “tefilla”, that I will become disassociated from the meaning. Let’s start to at least think the word.

I’ve taken on the task of making sure that I “pray” for someone in every davening of the day. Sadly, there is no shortage of people to daven…uh, I mean, to pray for.

There is Yenesa Feiga bas Itta Basha, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and is going through a hell of a time with this chemo business.

There is Yisrael Nasan Nata ben Gitl Leah, who is trying to keep the liver that was transplanted into him a couple of weeks ago.

We’ve got to PRAY.
(I’ll still use the word “daven” in public.)


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