#BlogElul Day 15: Change

Change can often amount to as much as 25% of any given amount.
If something costs 75c, and you give a dollar, that 25c, a full third of the purchase price, and a quarter of the amount given to the cashier or machine, is often considered non-existent. And yet it is a very significant amount. Those who have a retirement account going, and/or give tzedaka, know how far “change” can go. Throwing a quarter into a pushka before Shacharis and before Mincha adds up to $150 a year. You would consider a check to a Tzedaka for $150 to be rather generous, wouldn’t you? And that’s just CHANGE!

The Talmud has its own turn of phrase to promote this idea. “Peruta Peruta Mitztarefes l’Cheshbon Godol”, Every penny combines to make a large sum.

(Yes, I know this isn’t what the #BlogElul founder meant by this term… Let me have some fun.)


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