#BlogElul Day 12: Forgive

Forgiving is the worst!  To forgive means to accept that it was okay for me to be treated like trash, to be insulted and demeaned.  To forgive means that I am a floor mat.  To forgive easily means that I am available to be a victim of someone’s abuse.  To forgive tells people that I am not a MAN who is entitled to dignity.
That is why people don’t forgive.  Not because they are mean, or cold, or evil.  There is a reason.
How does one get beyond that difficulty?
When asking for forgiveness, be aware of what you’re asking.
Imagine a child who breaks an expensive vase.  All he can do is approach the relevant adult and say, “I broke the vase. The vase was very expensive.  It’s my fault that it broke. And I want to fix it, but I can’t do it without your help.”

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