#BlogElul Day 8: Hear

In Chassidus, Hearing is often described as the opposite of Seeing.  Although they are not actually antonyms, the Chassidic point is that an opposite skill is being used.  As the expression goes, “Seeing is believing”.  It should probably be “Seeing is knowing”, while hearing leaves some room for doubt.  The Baal Hatanya, (Rabbi Shneur Zalman) explains that hearing, Shema, is a word that appears constantly in Devarim (Deuteronomy) because it’s a book that deals with the lower spiritual level of Jews who would be busy farming and earning a living.  The best they could aim for in daily life would be “hearing” the truth.  Seeing the truth would be reserved for the thrice-annual pilgrimages to Jerusalem, mentioned in the Parsha called “See”, Re’ei.
Sometimes, we will be on a level well below the top floor.  But we have to maintain that level consistently, as we say in the Shema “When you go to sleep and when you wake up.”
Focus on what that true minimum is.  Pick a spot, and never go below it.

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